Newborn Photographer in Iceland

The definition of “Treasure” by Merriam Webster’s Dictionary is as follows:

  • : Something valuable that is hidden or kept in a safe place.
  • : Something that is very special, important, or valuable.
  • : A person who is greatly loved or valued especially because of being very helpful.


When you treasure someone of something you protect and adore it, that simple.


Anytime I have the honor of photographing a newborn, I always stop and realize what a treasure that little one is to his/her family.  Then I glance over and the parents and they have this endless smile across their faces. I also notice the sweet look they give each other as they hold their precious new little one- it’s so incredibly sweet!  Melts my heart.

Iceland Family Portrait Photographer - Photos by Miss Ann

Today is no exception!  I had the pleasure of photographing a little newborn named Alex.  With him he brought his gorgeous mother, handsome father and spirited but well behaved pup!  Knowing that Alex’s father loved fishing, we incorporated this hobby into their session.  It was such a fun newborn session as you’ll see below!

Creative Newborn Boy Photographer Reykjavik Iceland

If you’re in Iceland and expecting a baby, please feel free to reach out to us HERE to inquire about our Iceland Newborn Photography!  In the meantime, enjoy this newborn’s crazy cute session!


With a smile, Ann Peters (Iceland Newborn Portrait Photographer)

© 2016, Photos by Miss Ann, All Rights Reserved.

1st Birthday Session (Iceland Child Photographer)

Celebrating my milestone clients first birthday’s is one of the portrait sessions I look forward to most, but also makes me slightly sad at the same time too!  Why?  Because I have witnessed their amazing growth firsthand every three months!

From being inside their lovely mama at the maternity session, to the newborn session where they are posable and sleepy, to 3 months full of smiles and head lifting, to 6 months sitting and laughing, to 9 months crawling and rolling, to the long awaited First Birthday which typically includes moments of standing, walking, running, and ending with a deliciously fun birthday cake smash!

This little guy, Mr. O was no exception!  He was a charmer the moment I met him at our newborn session last year and each session following his sweet little personality emerged more and more.  Exciting to see and most certainly photograph!  Today, I’m happy to share with you this little sneak peak of his amazing 1st Birthday photo session, enjoy!

With a smile, Ann Peters (Iceland Child Portrait Photographer)

© 2016,  Photos by Miss Ann, All Rights Reserved.